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Infographic: Holiday Office Party Facts

Corporate Holiday Party

Traditionally, going to company holiday parties meant having to return to the office after hours for a less than meaningful series of awkward moments, stale chips, and warm beer. As someone self-employed you can use this traditionally corporate event as a way to help your workforce stay motivated and focused without the hassle. You may even want to use it as a way to give back to your clients.

To help navigate the usually hectic task of planning a holiday party, Eventup, has created a fun infographic in the spirit of the company holiday party planning season. The infographic below highlights types of party goers, top holiday party locales, the five most ridiculous holiday parties (GoDaddy.com spends more than three million dollars on a party for employees on Chase Field!), and party themes to keep your employees engaged.

Infographic Corporate Holiday Parties

Infographic courtesy of Eventup.
As freelancers and self-employed businesses, our holiday plans may be somewhat different. How have you found things different when celebrating the holidays as a self-employed individual? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!