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QUICK VIDEO: The 3 Secrets to Credibility Online

By: Admin (Published on 06/11/2015)

How do you impress visitors and look credible online when people come across your site, especially for the first time? Here are 5 winning strategies 

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G+ Hangout: Sage State of The Startup Survey

By: Team TSE (Published on 06/05/2015)

Find out what you can do to up the odds for startup success in this lively G+ Hangout. 


Google+ Hangout: Finding Talent and Balance

By: Admin (Published on 05/22/2015)

Steve Strauss recently moderated a Google+ Hangout with Bank of America, chock full of good ideas to make your business more successful, and you and your staff happier. 


VIDEO: Why Do Women Start Businesses? The Latest Survey Results

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/04/2015)

Check out some surprising results in this quick video about the latest / National Association of Women Business Owners Survey 

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VIDEO: Top 3 Online Shoestring Marketing Tips

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/21/2015)

Check out three great ways to market your business online – without breaking the bank! 


VIDEO: Should You Lower Your Prices?

By: Admin (Published on 04/15/2015)

One way to compete is to lower your prices. But should you? It’s tricky. Here’s how to do so without killing your income 

self employed tax tips

G+ Hangout: Top Tips to Make Tax Time Easier

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/26/2015)

No, tax time isn’t fun, but we had a blast sharing some great tips to make this time of year easier during our Bank of America Google+ Hangout 


VIDEO: Mark Cuban On The Secret Of His Success

By: Admin (Published on 02/25/2015)

What is the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks’ secret? Follow your passion? No way. Its  


VIDEO: Crowdfunding Made Easy!

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/05/2015)

Kickstarter? IndieGoGo? How does crowdfunding work? Well, check out this lively and informative Google+ Hangout and see how to crowdfund your next big idea. 

Yearli Small Business Tax Solution

VIDEO: Introducing Yearli by Greatland, The Complete Small Business Tax Solution

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/11/2014)

Exclusive offer for Enter promo code Y24 and save 15% off electronic filings when you use to complete your W-2 & 1099 filing. Click here to signup and redeem.  


VIDEO: 4 Easy Legal Tips For the Self-Employed

By: Admin (Published on 11/14/2014)

Want to know four simple legal ideas you can implement to protect your business, right now? Watch! 

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VIDEO: Small Business Disaster Preparedness

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/04/2014)

If a natural or other disaster was to strike your business, would you be ready? In this video, Steve shares some thoughts of experts on how to prepare for emergencies 


VIDEO: Big Ideas For Small Business

By: Admin (Published on 09/16/2014)

What does it take to succeed in business? Steve interviews one small business owner with some unique insights 


Catch Steve Strauss on MSNBC’s Your Business Show

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/15/2014)

Check out Steve sharing some small business wisdom on TV 


VIDEO: Creating a Kick-Butt Elevator Pitch!

By: Admin (Published on 09/10/2014)

How do you create a kick-butt elevator pitch? Act like Teddy Roosevelt, Bro! 

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QUICK VIDEO: Protecting Your Small Business From Identity Theft

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 06/10/2014)

In this informative short video, USA TODAY small business columnist Steve Strauss speaks with Neal O’Farrell about how to protect yourself and you business from identity theft. O’Farrell is the founder of the Identity Theft Council. 


VIDEO: Protecting Your Social Media Accounts From Getting Hacked

By: Administrator (Published on 05/29/2014)

Neal O’Farrell, founder of the Identity Theft Council, on how to protect your small business from social media fraud, being hacked, and other bad things. 

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QUICK VIDEO: Preventing Social Media Fraud

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/20/2014)

Don’t want your Facebook account hacked? Better catch this quick video! 


QUICK VIDEO: Preventing Small Business Cybercrime

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/07/2014)

Here’s how to protect your small business from “the greatest crime spree in the history of America” 

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VIDEO: Cybersecurity for Small Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/25/2014)

In this first edition of the McAfee series Cybersecurity for Small Business hosted by Steve Strauss, Steve speaks with Jim Mapes, CSO of Best I.T. to learn how to protect your business from getting hacked and attacked 

Video Absolution

Startup Story: Absolution

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/25/2013)

A behind-the-scenes look at what it took for Isabelle Carron, founder of Absolution, an organic cosmetic company based in France, to grow her business 

Apple Innovation

Video: 3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/23/2013)

Take a look at this video that uncovers Apple’s history of products and see how innovation isn’t always about being first or even the best 

Bombay Brow Bar

Startup Story: Bombay Brow Bar

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/16/2013)

Go behind the scenes with Ravy, co-owner of the Bombay Brow Bar as she reveals her startup story and shares her best tips for startup success 

Mashable Startup Video

VIDEO: Startup Advice from Expert Entrepreneurs

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/29/2013)

Check out this informative interview series to get an inside look at what goes into a startup 


VIDEO: Seth Godin On Creating Your Business Tribe

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/11/2013)

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes 

Disaster Insurance

Video: Making Sure Your Business is Prepared for Natural Disasters

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/18/2012)

Insurance expert Ray Sprague takes some time to share how small businesses should prepare for natural catastrophes 

Blue Marble Ice Cream

VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes of Blue Marble Ice Cream Startup

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/07/2012)

A behind-the-scenes video of Blue Marble Ice Cream, a startup ice cream shop in Brooklyn, NY, showcasing how they went from one ice cream shop to a retail and wholesale company with 30 employees with no outside funding 

The UPS Store Front

VIDEO: Steve’s Small Biz Tips for The UPS Stores

By: Admin (Published on 10/13/2012)

Steve and the UPS Stores have teamed up to help small business. Check out these tips to help you grow your business 

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VIDEO: Unique Ways To Make Extra Money

By: Admin (Published on 09/17/2012)

Looking to make some extra dough? Check out these unique ideas from the Today Show. 


VIDEO: Big Ideas For Small Business

By: Admin (Published on 09/13/2012)

In this final video of his series of chats with other small business owners, Steve shares the key business insights they shared over the course of the past year. 


4 Free Ways To Use Google In Your Small Business

By: Admin (Published on 07/14/2012)

Google is so much more than search results. Here are 4 ways any small business can rock Google – for free 


VIDEO: How To Save Money In Paris

By: Admin (Published on 05/24/2012)

Is it possible to save money in Paris? Yes 


To Groupon Or Not To Groupon, That Is The Question

By: Admin (Published on 05/03/2012)

Is Groupon a good idea for your business? Maybe, but maybe not. Here’s why 


10 Things You Must Know Before You Pitch To An Investor

By: Admin (Published on 05/02/2012)

The “Pitch Coach” shares his secrets 


Gorgeous Portland Oregon

By: Admin (Published on 04/25/2012)

Finding Portland from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo. (photo credit:


VIDEO: How To Keep Customers Coming Back Again And Again

By: Admin (Published on 04/22/2012)

How do you keep customers coming back again and again? In this video, Steve speaks with some successful small business owners who have learned a few secrets and share them with you 


VIDEO: The Most Epic Petra Video Ever

By: Admin (Published on 04/04/2012)

One of the wonders of the world – experience Petra 


VIDEO: Entrepreneurs, Time to Spring Clean Your Website!

By: Admin (Published on 04/03/2012)

(c) 2009 still on that website of yours? Get with the times, amigo! Spring cleaning your website impresses all and generates more business for the self-employed, freelancer, and small business owner 


JK Rowling on the Benefits of Failure

By: Admin (Published on 04/02/2012)

JK Rowling on the Benefits of Failure 


VIDEO: Beware the Superman Syndrome

By: Admin (Published on 03/30/2012)

What do self-employed people tend to do wrong? They think they can do it all themselves. But Superman they are not. 


VIDEO: Steve Jobs on the Need for Passion

By: Admin (Published on 03/27/2012)

What sustains you when you are in business for yourself and it seems insane? Passion 


VIDEO: Cash Mobs Boost Small Business

By: Admin (Published on 03/20/2012)

You have heard of flash mobs, but cash mobs? Yep, you heard that right. Watch . . . and get jealous! 


VIDEO: Headed Towards Mt. Brandtastic!

By: Admin (Published on 03/18/2012)

When you own your own business, is it good enough to have a fine brand? No! You can’t just be good, you can’t even settle for being great, you have to be brandtastic! 


Be a Good Boss . . . To Yourself!

By: Admin (Published on 03/18/2012)

When You are Self-Employed, You Better Be a Good Boss . . . To Yourself! Are you? 


What Your Business Can Learn From Politicians

By: Admin (Published on 03/18/2012)

Despite how ridiculous they can be sometimes, politicians can teach us a lot about how to get notices. In this video, Steve explains how politicians master technology to their advantage,m and how you can too 


Crowdfund Your Next Project

By: Admin (Published on 03/17/2012)

Crowdfunding is the next wave in creative financing and funding for the self-employed. Learn how to crowdfund your Big Idea 


Seth Godin: Be Bizarre, Be Creative, Be Interesting – Just Don’t Be Boring!

By: Admin (Published on 03/15/2012)

Seth Godin shares how the self-employed and other small businesses should be bizarre, interesting, creative — but NOT boring! 


The Happy Secret to Better Work

By: Admin (Published on 03/15/2012)

In this Ted Talk, learn the surprising secret of what makes for happy work 


5 Proven Winners for the Self-Employed

By: Admin (Published on 03/08/2012)

VIDEO: What works and what does not when you are self-employed? Watch this informative video and find out the secrets of the successful self-employed businessperson 


How To Create A Great E-Newsletter

By: Admin (Published on 03/07/2012)

Learn the secrets from the pros on how to create a great e-newsletter – one that gets read!  


Creating An App For Your Self-Employed Business

By: Admin (Published on 03/06/2012)


Big Ideas for Small Businesses

By: Admin (Published on 03/03/2012)

Small business expert and columnist, Steve Strauss, interviews small business owners regarding their 2012 New Year’s Business Resolutions.


How to Build Your Brand

By: Admin (Published on 03/02/2012)

Steve Strauss, USA Today’s Small Business Columnist and Jennifer Spaziano, VP of Business Development for Accion answer questions about developing a strong brand and how to protect a business idea. Originally aired on MSNBC.


Creative Ways to Find Money for Your Start-Up

By: Admin (Published on 03/02/2012)

Steve Strauss tells ABC News how to turn pet projects into full-blown businesses. 

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