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The Unexpected Costs of Being Self-Employed

By: Nixon Williams (Published on 07/01/2015)

There are a number of costs associated with self-employment, but not all are obvious. Before starting up, make sure you’ve considered these expenses 

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Top Start Ups Stories


5 Surprising Tips to Create Your Own Work Revolution

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 06/29/2015)

Want to Create Your Own Work Revolution? Like what? Like “sleep in!” Here’s how 

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Infographic: Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

By: Team TSE (Published on 06/26/2015)

An infographic created by Qsample to help you nail that elevator pitch. 

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job to self-employed

6 Tips for Transitioning from a Job to Self-Employment

By: Marco Terry (Published on 06/23/2015)

Dreaming of self-employment? Don’t let your dream get derailed due to poor planning. Use these tips as a guide

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4 Ways to Get Better At Finishing . . . Anything!

By: Kelsey Humphreys (Published on 06/23/2015)

Entrepreneurs usually are great at starting projects but finishing? Meh. Not so much. Here’s the fix 

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5 Ways Small Business Can Use Customer Experience to Win

By: SCORE (Published on 06/22/2015)

Small businesses across the United States are beating their larger competition through one simple idea: creating better customer experiences. Here’s how you can differentiate your business from the mass of faceless, impersonal giants that customers confront every day, and turn customer experience into the ultimate competitive advantage. 

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Modern Business Concept

10 Smart Things to Do When Writing and Renewing Your Business Plan

By: SCORE (Published on 06/19/2015)

As a small business owner, there are some common business plan mistakes you should be aware of, as well as the steps you need to take to avoid them. 

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workplace exercise

5 Really Smart Things To Do Before You Leave Your Job To Become Self-Employed.

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 06/09/2015)

Before you quit your job to become self-employed, you better check out these 5 tips! 

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self employed success stories

The 5 Inarguable Traits of a Great Entrepreneur

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 06/05/2015)

Every successful entrepreneur has a different story, but the very best have a few things in common 

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G+ Hangout: Sage State of The Startup Survey

By: Team TSE (Published on 06/05/2015)

Find out what you can do to up the odds for startup success in this lively G+ Hangout. 

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The 3 Essential Steps To Startup Success – No. 1 Can Make All the Difference!

By: Brad Andrews (Published on 06/02/2015)

Considering branching out on your own and going into business for yourself? Make sure you’re prepared with these three startup principles 

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social media for new business

How to Use Social Media to Rock Your Startup

By: Ricky Damron (Published on 05/21/2015)

In your rush to get your new business off the ground, are you overlooking some of the most important elements for success 

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no or yes

Turning a No Into a Yes

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/20/2015)

How do you turn a no into a yes? The secret is  

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Motivated People

What It Takes To Make Your Startup Successful

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/14/2015)

What motivates people? What makes them love their job and company and therefore allows them to shine and do their best 

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Finding Business Partner

Finding the Right Business Partner to Invest In Your Company

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/12/2015)

Need a business partner to help fund your business or get it off the ground? Try these tips from small business expert and founder of, Steve Strauss 

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Six Things You Need Stop Doing

By: Laura Galloway & Erin Baebler (Published on 05/07/2015)

Being self-employed comes with a long list of things you need to do. To counteract that, here are six things that you actually need to stop doing if you want to be successful in your business. 

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Infographic: Starting Small, Winning Big

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/06/2015)

Infographic outlining the major impact small business has had on our country and the economy. 

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cloud computing

If It Isn’t Broke, Fix It Anyway!

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/01/2015)

The great news is that there are a lot of very powerful business solutions out there that are affordable and easy to adopt 

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sales guide

Infographic: The Surprising Reason For Who Makes The Sale

By: SCORE (Published on 04/29/2015)

Why does one company get the sale over another? Check out that and other surprising statistics 

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The Secret Ingredient for a Great Business Proposal

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/27/2015)

Good proposals have a few things in common, as do bad proposals. Here are five of the most important things in any proposal should contain 

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minimize business risk

4 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Your Next Startup

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/10/2015)

Here are the different decisions you need to make when analyzing your start up options to help minimize your risk 

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Applause From a Group of Businesspeople

PROFILE: From Self-Employed to 250 Locations

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 04/10/2015)

What does it take to go from solopreneur to a big franchisor? Find out  

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60 second business plan

Could Your Success Be as Simple as Creating a Basic Business Plan? Yes!

By: Rachel Katz Galatt (Published on 04/06/2015)

Why a business plan is your roadmap to self-employment success 

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after the idea

What Comes “After” The Big Idea

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/06/2015)

What do you do when you have a “big idea” don’t really know how to proceed? Try some of these tips 

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PODCAST: How to start a successful business

By: Greg Nibler (Published on 04/03/2015)

In this episode of Small Business with Steve Strauss powered by Greatland, Steve interviews Stone Melet, the CEO of Best Of, LLC on how to start a successful business. 

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How to Leave the Rat Race and Go Solo

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 04/01/2015)

Becoming Self-Employed can seem out of reach, but it’s not! Learn how to become a solopreneur and start your own business.  

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Working Past Retirement

Ask an Expert: Passing Your Business On To Your Kids

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/24/2015)

How do you create a business that lasts an that stays in the family? 

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Am I An Entrepreneur? Answer These 4 Questions And See

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/20/2015)

Are you an entrepreneur? Answer these 4 questions and find out 

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Home Office Boundaries

5 Tricks to Making Working From Home Work. #3 is Critical

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/18/2015)

Working from home can have its ups and downs. Here’s how to have more ups than downs 

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How to Become an Airbnb Host

By: Amiad Soto (Published on 03/11/2015)

Become an Airbnb host 

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Naming Your Business

The Art of Naming Your Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/10/2015)

Naming your business should be enjoyable, but for some entrepreneurs, it is stressful. If you’re struggling with coming up with the “perfect” name try some of these tips 

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5 No-Fail Steps to Finding the Perfect Startup Idea

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 03/10/2015)

In this guide, you’ll be guided through the essential steps towards finding your perfect business idea. Ready to change your life 

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real estate business

How Do I Start a Real Estate Business?

By: Alex Christo (Published on 02/25/2015)

How do you start a real estate business? Well, it’s simply a matter of follwing some simple tips like 

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50 Business Ideas Under $100

50 Self-Employed Business Ideas You Can Start for Under $100

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 02/24/2015)

Ready to live the dream and work for yourself? Worried about startup expenses? Here are fifty business ideas you can start for under $100! 

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Starting a Business Tips

Top 5 Things Entrepreneurs Better Know Before Starting a Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 02/19/2015)

Have a great business idea and considering making it official? Before you do, here are the top five things you need to know before starting a business 

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Own a Franchise

Should I Buy a Franchise?

By: Meg Schmitz (Published on 02/16/2015)

If you are wondering if you should buy a franchise, take a look at these benefits. 

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working from home

Surviving Your First Month of Self-Employment

By: Joel Beverley (Published on 02/05/2015)

Here are 6 tips to help get you started and set you on your self-employment path  

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startup quotes

5 Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your New Business Right Now

By: Donny Gamble (Published on 01/27/2015)

Here’s how to jump-start your new business 

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What They Don’t Teach You in Small Business School

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/27/2015)

Q: Hi Steve. I opened a business a few years ago and the truth is that I thought I would like it a lot more than I do. I work more now than I used to and my income fluctuates … 

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Elevator Pitch

5 Tips for Nailing Your Elevator Pitch

By: Jamie Hughes (Published on 01/22/2015)

Nail your elevator pitch and get your business funded! 

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Startup Mistakes

4 Start-Up Mistakes You Must Avoid

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/13/2015)

The start up phase of a business often involves a lot of mistakes. But this doesn’t have to be so. Find out how to avoid costly errors when you’re just starting out. 

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startup in garage

Five Businesses That Started In Garages

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 01/07/2015)

Starting your own business requires one thing – determination, and if history is any indicator, a garage might help as well 

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The One Word That Will Guarantee Your StartUp in 2015

By: Naomi Dinsmore (Published on 12/31/2014)

Your startup success means you need to trust other people to help you out, to take your business on to the next level. Find out the word that helps you do just that 

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Startup Money

The 60-Second Guide to Financing Your Startup

By: SCORE (Published on 12/26/2014)

In this 60-second guide you’ll learn how to build a sound financial foundation for your start-up business 

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buying a business

How To Buy A Business With No Money Down

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/23/2014)

Is it possible to buy a business with no money down, with 100% selller financing? Yes, but you have to be careful when doing so. The trick is 

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Advisory Board

How to Form Your Advisory Board

By: SCORE (Published on 12/22/2014)

When you’re starting out, an advisory board can be an excellent way to successfully navigate your first business steps. Use these tips to choose an advisory board perfect for your venture 

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Do you have a ‘Go-Getter-Attitude’ to pursue your dream career?

By: Swati Srivastava (Published on 12/09/2014)

Go get em! 

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7 Steps To Becoming Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/08/2014)

The idea of becoming self-employed and starting a business can sound daunting and expensive. Yet it need not be. The important thing to know  

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buy franchise

5 Questions Anyone Considering Buying A Franchise Should Ask

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 12/06/2014)

Before you get too excited about a new opportunity, find out the answers to these questions every potential franchisee should ask 

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money tips self-employed

5 Awesome Tips For Being Successfully Self-Employed

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 12/01/2014)

If you’re serious about making your small business a success story, take a look at these great tips for self-employed success 

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The Top 5 Signs That it’s Time to Quit Your Day Job

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/17/2014)

If you’re itching to go solopreneur, how do you know when it’s the right time to quit your day job? Discover the 5 tell-tale signs it’s time to go solo 

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Ask an Expert: What is Your Secret Sauce?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 11/11/2014)

Don’t play on someone else’s turf of location or lowest price or whatever. Play the game on your home field. Think about what it is that you do that is different and better 

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passionate business person

6 Keys To Successfully Starting Your Own Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/07/2014)

What does it take to create to successfully start your own business? It takes a lot more than passion. Here are six keys to startup success 

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6 Signs You Chose The Wrong Career…

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 11/03/2014)

When you selected your career your life may have been unlike it is at present. Then what? 

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Infographic: Startup Tips

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/30/2014)

Startup tips 

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Startup Work Balance

5 Secrets for Getting Your Startup Going While Keeping Your Day Job

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 10/29/2014)

Starting a business while still working your regular job can be a daunting task. Luckily, these secrets can help you balance both worlds 

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wealthy business person

How To Get Rich Flipping Businesses

By: Paul Forsberg (Published on 10/27/2014)

Fixing or flipping a small business is much easier than real estate for a variety of reasons… 

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buy a business

4 Reasons You May Be Better Off Buying A Business Instead of Starting One

By: Pat Jennings (Published on 10/22/2014)

Here are four reasons you might be better off buying an established business instead of building one from the ground up. 

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side business to start

50 Side Businesses You Can Start Today

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 10/22/2014)

Ready to start your own business, but not sure what to do? Consider one of these fifty side business ideas you can start today 

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Rule of Partnerships

The First Rule of Partnerships

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 10/21/2014)

Looking for a partner for your business venture? Keep this one simple rule in mind to find the best fit 

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Re-Inventing Your Second Career

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 10/17/2014)

Need to start over with a new career? Here’s how 

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Top 3 Reasons Why the Self-Employed Should Incorporate

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/13/2014)

When someone starts a business, he or she almost always begins the venture as a sole proprietorship, legally speaking. It is not hard to understand why that is: A sole proprietorship is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to get started. 

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From Rags to Riches Using Etsy

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/30/2014)

Want to get rich using Etsy? Here’s how 2 solopreneurs got rich using Etsy 

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key to success

Today, Everyone Better Think of Themself as an “Entrepreneur” (Including You!)

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/29/2014)

Old traits like loyalty and experience are being rapidly being trumped by a different and new set of values such as… 

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55 reasons to be self-employed

The Epic List of 55 Reasons to Be Self-Employed

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 09/18/2014)

To celebrate the lifestyle of the entrepreneur, here is a list of our favorite reasons it’s better to employ yourself 

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Selling Business

The Quick and Easy Way to Value Your Business

By: SCORE (Published on 09/14/2014)

The value of a business will depend upon a lot of factors, but here’s the easiest way to figure it out 

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Startup Story: The Incredible Story of the Invention of the Computer Mouse

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/12/2014)

In this amazing story, see how a lone genius changed the world and invented the computer mouse, and modern computing at that 

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Verbal Contracts

When Is a Verbal Contract Enforceable (and Not)?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/09/2014)

The basic rule is that a verbal contract is just as enforceable as a written one, but then again, sometimes it’s not. The difference is . . . 

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after the idea

How to Really Analyze Your Big Idea

By: SCORE (Published on 09/05/2014)

Is it a great idea that you can run with, or just a great idea? You better know the difference! 

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sba loan

How To Get an SBA Loan

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 08/27/2014)

What if I were to tell you that there is an agency of the United States government whose sole job is to help you succeed in your business? 

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reinventing your business

How To Start a Business in College

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 08/26/2014)

Here’s how to start a business while in college 

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go green tips

The Green Startup

By: Scott Huntington (Published on 08/22/2014)

Make your startup Eco-friendly from the get-go and reap the rewards 

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working from home

60-Second Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

By: SCORE (Published on 08/21/2014)

Here’s how you really should set up your office! 

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startup setup

6 Essential Tips for Surviving the First Five Years in Business

By: Frances Kweller (Published on 08/18/2014)

If you can survive the first two to three years, you will likely make it for the long haul. Here’s how 

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INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Top 10 One-Person Startups

By: Team TSE (Published on 08/08/2014)

Did you hear about the student that created a site that has 2 million users? Check it out. “What one person can do, another can do.” 

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The Power of Mentorship

By: Cindy Bates (Published on 07/18/2014)

The missing link between a “promising businessperson and a successful one” is often a good mentor 

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elevator pitch success

Infographic: How to Craft A Killer Investor Pitch

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/16/2014)

If you’re at the beginning stages of promoting your startup, you’re in luck. The following infographic outlines not only the pillars of a great startup pitch, but also outlines the six steps you’ll need to take to craft that successful pitch 

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INFOGRAPHIC - self employed tribes quiz infographic[1]

Fun Infographic: What Self-Employed Tribe Do You Belong To?

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/15/2014)

What is your Self-Employed Tribe? Find out! in our fun checklist! 

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ask the builder

Starting a Construction Business

By: Leah Rutherford (Published on 07/11/2014)

Starting your own construction company can be an extremely rewarding endeavor 

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Business Bartering

The #1 Secret for Success When Buying A Business

By: Pat Jennings (Published on 07/09/2014)

If buying a business sounds good to you, then the #1 key concept that will maximize your chances of success is . . .  

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advice from mom

Top 3 Tips to Becoming a Successful Mompreneur

By: Rachel Katz-Galatt (Published on 06/09/2014)

What does one successful mompreneur say is the secret of her success? The answer may surprise you 

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buy franchise

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Franchise?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/30/2014)

First, let me say that as a general rule, I really like franchising a lot as a business model, especially for new entrepreneurs. The way it is supposed to work is that an entrepreneur creates a successful business, irons out … 

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young african man smiling in library

The College E-Commerce Entrepreneur

By: Nikole Haiar (Published on 05/23/2014)

What does it take to be a collegiate e-commerce entrepreneur? Here are 5 essential tips 

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Blog and Grow Rich

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/23/2014)

Even more than social media in some ways, blogs give you an opportunity to show who you and your business are in a much more up close and personal way 

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entrepreneurs wanted

QUIZ: Are You Meant To Be An Entrepreneur?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/12/2014)

Are you really supposed to be an entrepreneur? Find out with this quick quiz 

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Blue cocktail with orange

Startup Mixology: The Ingredients You Need to Be Successful in 2014

By: Hllary Smith (Published on 04/25/2014)

What is the difference between a successful startup operation, and an inauspicious one? Let’s find out 

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Startup Sign

PROFILE: From a Shoestring Startup to a Booming Business

By: Jonathan Barnett (Published on 04/23/2014)

How do you start on a shoestring and create a business covering 45 states and 150 franchisees? Read and find out what Jonathan Barnett learned along the way 

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Naming Your Business

INFOGRAPHIC: The Art of Naming a Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/22/2014)

While you may not think the name of your business is the most important aspect of your company, it plays a crucial role in how you are perceived by the public. Our featured infographic breaks down all the factors that should be considered when naming a business. 

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twitter copy

INFOGRAPHIC: Top Trends in Social Media

By: SCORE (Published on 04/10/2014)

What are the hot trends in social media? Google+, Twitter, or…? Find out! 

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running side biz

How to Operate a Side Business While Working Full-Time

By: Marco Terry (Published on 03/20/2014)

Running a side business while being employed can be challenging. The following simple rules will help you meet this challenge 

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power of boldness

The Power of Boldness In An Entrepreneur

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/05/2014)

While minimizing risk is usually a good bet, there are times when you have to swing for the fences. Learn how to apply the power of boldness 

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Secrets Behind a Successful Startup

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/03/2014)

Ready to take the plunge and start your own business? Here are some success tips from one company that is doing things right 

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startup marketing free

5 Free Tactics for Marketing Your Startup (And One Bonus Tip!)

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 02/26/2014)

Five tactics that you can use to help you market and generate buzz for your new startup for free 

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biz plan infographic

10 Key Steps to a Successful Business Plan [Infographic]

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/19/2014)

Starting a successful business begins with proper planning, Here are ten necessary steps to make sure you’re fully prepared. 

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sell your business

How to Know When to Sell Your Startup [Checklist]

By: Jep Barroga (Published on 02/13/2014)

Most startup entrepreneurs harbor the hope that they can someday sell their business. Here are some tips for making sure you don’t get shortchanged 

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hr concerns

3 HR Concerns Your Small Business Should Be Prepared For

By: Miles Young (Published on 02/05/2014)

As you move out of the start up phase, your business will have new concerns to face, such as HR protocols. Learn how to protect yourself with these tips 

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five traits of entrepreneurs

5 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/21/2014)

Do you think that you have what it takes to run your own business? Learn about the traits that successful entrepreneurs tend to have in common 

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startup quotes

Best Startup Advice from Successful Founders & CEOs

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 01/09/2014)

To help give you some sage advice on your road as an entrepreneur, use these words of wisdom from other successful entrepreneurs to help guide you 

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Traits of an Entrepreneur

6 Traits Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 12/31/2013)

To see if you have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur, compare your strengths and weaknesses to this list of traits every entrepreneur must have 

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being self-employed

Is Self-Employment the Right Choice for You?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 12/18/2013)

The world of employment is changing and self-employment is rampantly expanding. Is it time for you to break out on your own 

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startups podcast

Small Business Success Podcast: Starting and Growing a Business

By: Greg Nibler (Published on 12/17/2013)

In this week’s Small Business Success Podcast, Steve speaks with Jim Beach, founder of School of School for Startups about starting and growing a business 

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startup books

5 Must-Read Books for the Startup Entrepreneur

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 11/26/2013)

These five books are a great opening set that will put you on track to growing both as an entrepreneur and as a person 

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old school startup

Old School Hacks for Your New Startup

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 11/05/2013)

Learn how to take the best of what is the latest and greatest and pair it with old school techniques to forge an amalgam that is uber-strong 

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frugal marketing tips

5 Frugal Tips for Marketing Your New Small Business

By: SCORE (Published on 10/25/2013)

The most important thing for any new business to do is to get customers to buy your product or service. Here are five frugal ways to do just that 

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wahm biz ideas

45 Business Ideas Perfect for the Work At Home Mom

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 10/23/2013)

Want to stay at home with your children AND work? Consider one of these 45 ideas that help you do both 

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5 Businesses That Started As Something Else

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 10/18/2013)

If you’ve been thinking of changing the focus of your business, you’re in good company. Check out these well-known companies that started out as something else entirely before making it big 

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supplier financing

How to Get Suppliers to Finance Your Startup

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 10/16/2013)

Ready to open up shop, but need inventory? If you are already strapped financially, without a lot of startup capital, what do you do 

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Infographic: How Confident Are Startup Business Owners?

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/17/2013)

Take a look at the key findings of the latest Kauffman/LegalZoom Startup Confidence Index to see how confident new startup owners really are 

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The New Startup: Buying an Existing Business

By: Arianne McHugh (Published on 09/12/2013)

Being involved in a startup doesn’t always mean creating something new. Here are some tips for creating a startup from someone else’s business 

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hiring right people

The 60-Second Guide to Hiring the Right People

By: SCORE (Published on 08/28/2013)

In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to identify and attract the best people to your business 

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home office

The 60-Second Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

By: SCORE (Published on 08/10/2013)

In just 60-seconds, learn how to get started on setting up your perfect home office 

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Startup Pricing

How to Price Your Services at the Startup Phase

By: Team TSE (Published on 08/09/2013)

Figuring out how much to charge when you are new to business is not easy. It is a matter of valuing your worth, gauging the market, checking out the competition and more 

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First Impression

The 60-Second Guide to Making A Good First Impression

By: SCORE (Published on 07/30/2013)

It’s been said before, but this is one maxim that bears repeating: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to make a first impression to get the business you’re waiting for. 

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secret ingredient

The Secret Ingredient in Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 07/19/2013)

Want your business to make a difference? Use this “secret ingredient” in your business to make your hard work count 

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become a Professional Editor

Getting Started as a Professional Editor for Free

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/16/2013)

There are steps you can take to become a professional editor. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Learn how to become an editor now 

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60 second business plan

The 60-Second Guide to Writing a Business Plan

By: SCORE (Published on 07/03/2013)

In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to plan for your business’s future without overplanning yourself out of existence. 

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Business Mistakes

3 Ways to Avoid Common Problems With Your Freelance Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 07/01/2013)

You are going to make mistakes in your business. While most mistakes usually to turn out to be “lessons learned,” some mistakes can cripple your business 

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Startup Success

The No-Fail Way to Ensure Your Startup Is a Success

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 06/19/2013)

Ever wonder what it really takes to “make a go” of something? Here’s a no-fail way to make sure whatever venture you begin will end in success 

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Franchise Pros & Cons

The Pros & Cons of Buying a Franchise

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 06/17/2013)

Considering a franchise? if you’re not about your options, consider these pros and cons to help you make your decision 

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Startup Story

How to Tell Your Startup Story to Get More Engagement

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 06/12/2013)

Talking about your business may come naturally, but what does it take to craft a truly unforgettable startup story 

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PODCAST: Think Like a Startup Guru

By: Jonah (Published on 06/10/2013)

Steve talks about the first business he started, and interviews Stone Melet, startup guru and founder of Best Of, LLC. 

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Steps to Startup

Essentials Steps for Starting Your Own Business

By: Tom Gray (Published on 05/30/2013)

Ready to take the plunge and start your own business? Make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure financial business success with these tips 

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Female Entrepreneur

Top 10 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

By: Annie Xu (Published on 05/24/2013)

If you are considering taking up the reins and becoming your own boss here are ten top tips for female entrepreneurs 

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become a home inspector

How to Become a Real Estate Home Inspector with Little Startup Cash

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 05/04/2013)

Home inspection can be a lucrative career for a self-motivated jack-of-all-trades type. Getting started is simple and inexpensive 

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english meadows inn

Becoming Self-Employed Later in Life: One Couple’s Journey

By: Liz Brodar (Published on 04/24/2013)

Considering becoming self-employed later in life? Here’s one couple’s story of how they managed the transition from the world of fashion to owning an running an inn in Maine 

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800-Pound Gorilla

How To Dance with a Gorilla: Partnering With the Big Guys

By: Albert Lee (Published on 04/18/2013)

Learn how to dance with the gorilla to transform your business with access to extra benefits big companies may be able to provide 

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Ladder to Success

Climb Your Own Success Ladder

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 04/16/2013)

Every day, we are faced with decisions that will either move us closer to or further away from our goals. Discover how to make sure you’re reaching yours 

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Growing a Startup: Tips from Celebrity Jewelry Designer Katie Dean

By: Katie Dean (Published on 03/20/2013)

What does it take to create a successful startup? Celebrity jewelry designer, Katie Dean, shares some of her insider tips 

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10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

By: SCORE (Published on 03/09/2013)

Here are 10 secrets successful entrepreneurs use for achieving growth even in a poor economy 

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Top 5 Reasons People Start Businesses

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/08/2013)

Why did you start your own business? It turns out that the reasons are multi-fold. Here are the top five 

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Self-Employed Success

The 3 Keys to Self-Employed Success

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 02/27/2013)

Why is it that there are more people out there with half-started or never-ventured-into projects than there are successes?  

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Video Absolution

Startup Story: Absolution

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/25/2013)

A behind-the-scenes look at what it took for Isabelle Carron, founder of Absolution, an organic cosmetic company based in France, to grow her business 

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Apple Innovation

Video: 3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/23/2013)

Take a look at this video that uncovers Apple’s history of products and see how innovation isn’t always about being first or even the best 

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Melissa Joan Hart

Celebrity Business Owners: Interview with Melissa Joan Hart

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/19/2013)

Find out why Melissa Joan Hart took the entrepreneurial plunge with this Q&A about her new company 

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Bombay Brow Bar

Startup Story: Bombay Brow Bar

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/16/2013)

Go behind the scenes with Ravy, co-owner of the Bombay Brow Bar as she reveals her startup story and shares her best tips for startup success 

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Couples Startup

5 Tips for Couples Starting Businesses Together

By: Karen Karp and Dick Batten (Published on 02/14/2013)

Sometimes partners means more than just business. If you’re considering going into business with your partner, here are five tips to consider before jumping in 

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Mashable Startup Video

VIDEO: Startup Advice from Expert Entrepreneurs

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/29/2013)

Check out this informative interview series to get an inside look at what goes into a startup 

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Elevator Pitch

How to Craft A Passionate & Impression-Leaving Elevator Pitch

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/17/2013)

Want to make sure you leave a lasting first impression? Here are a few questions you must answer if you are to craft a great elevator pitch 

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Business Incubators

Startup Success Secret: Business Incubators

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/08/2013)

Steve Strauss shares his tips on using a business incubator to learn how to start and grow your business 

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Startup Toolkit

Infographic: The Startup Toolkit

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/04/2013)

Have you ever wished there was a simple list of the best and most used tools for running your startup? Well, the folks over at BestVendor wanted answers, so they took a survey and the results are in. They surveyed … 

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Hester van Eeghen

VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes with Designer Hester van Eegen

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/20/2012)

We go behind-the-scenes with designer Hester van Eegen. She shares her startup story, her biggest challenges and her best advice for other entrepreneurs and startups 

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Family Business

Should Your Startup be a Family Business? The Pros & Cons

By: Dan Cook (Published on 12/11/2012)

Considering hiring a family member? You may want to take a look at these pros and cons before you make your decision 

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Blue Marble Ice Cream

VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes of Blue Marble Ice Cream Startup

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/07/2012)

A behind-the-scenes video of Blue Marble Ice Cream, a startup ice cream shop in Brooklyn, NY, showcasing how they went from one ice cream shop to a retail and wholesale company with 30 employees with no outside funding 

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relaxed man with laptop

More Businesses You Can Start for Little or No Money

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/27/2012)

If you would like to start your own business for little or no money, here are some of our top choices 

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keys business success

5 Key Business Success Tips for Startups & Entreprenuers

By: Croix Sather (Published on 11/19/2012)

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been at it for a very long time, before you make any business decisions, follow these five business success to make sure you’re prepared for the challenges that come your way 

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import export business

How to Start an Import/Export Business

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 11/17/2012)

Import/export businesses can provide good profit margins with fairly minimal investments. Learn how to start an import/export business for little to no money 

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self employed franchisee

Can You Live the Dream of Self-Employment As a Franchisee?

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 11/16/2012)

Becoming self-employed is a dream for many, however, what about pursing that dream through franchising 

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become an ebay seller

Startup Idea: How to Make a Fortune on eBay

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 11/03/2012)

Selling on eBay is a great way to start a business for almost no money – and yet be able to make a lot of money. Here are our tips for leveraging this great business platform 

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Woman Startup Success

Two Things You Must Do For Startup Success

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 11/01/2012)

Just starting out? Use the following tips as a guide to help drum up interest and increase the “buzz factor” of your next startup venture 

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Pitfalls of an Entrepreneur

4 Major Pitfalls To Be Wary Of When You Are Self-Employed

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 10/26/2012)

Just because you believe an idea to be great, that doesn’t make it a great business concept. In the early stages of conception, take some time and really consider the following pitfalls to ensure that your passion for your idea doesn’t impede your basic common sense. 

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start a professional organizing business

3 Simple Startups Ideas for the Solopreneur

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 10/17/2012)

If you have expertise in a particular field, there is a good chance you can parlay your experience into a lucrative career. New affordable startup ideas. 

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Money tree

Recognizing the Vital Impact of Small Business in America

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/18/2012)

Today, the business of America is small business. But let’s not stop there. The business of the world now is small business. Find out how and why. 

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become a personal trainer

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 09/05/2012)

In just a few months, you can become a certified personal trainer for very little money. Why spend 40 hours every week in a stuffy office with a bunch of loafers? 

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moving and hauling business

How to Start a Moving and Hauling Business for Little or No Money

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 09/03/2012)

Is a moving business a practical, cost-effective option for earning money part-time or full-time? Absolutely. Learn how to start a moving business now. 

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become an accountant

How To Start A Low-Cost Bookkeeping Business

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 08/16/2012)

You can start a freelance business as a tax preparer, auditor, accountant, or financial planner without breaking the bank. Learn more about a career in accounting. 

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Gen X Family

PROFILE: How One Mompreneur Turned Her Self-Employment Dreams Into Reality

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 08/14/2012)

How One Mompreneur Turned Her Self-Employment Dreams Into Reality 

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Robert Herjavec

PROFILE: Q & A With Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 07/31/2012)

Steve Strauss sits down with serial entrepreneur Robert Herjavec from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. Find out his inside secrets for entrepreneurial success.. 

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volcano erupting

Small Business Owners: Sometimes You Gotta Be, Well, a Jerk

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/18/2012)

Being the nice guy or gal doesn’t always work. There are situations when you have to be tougher than you may be used to, but tough you must be. 

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PROFILE: How One Immigrant Tapped Her Community To Start Her Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 06/18/2012)

What if we told you there was an easy way to get the help you need to start or grow your own business and that help won’t cost you much money? 

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Real Estate 2.0 – So You Wanna Be A Self-Employed Real Estate Mogul?

By: Spence and Marty (Published on 05/17/2012)

What’s that, you would like to become a real estate mogul but are not sure how? Here’s how you make money in real estate, and even how to start with little money down 

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Solopreneurs: Don’t Dismiss the Idea of Becoming a Franchise Owner

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 04/29/2012)

Most people don’t know enough about franchising to rule it out. Franchise ownership is a great fit for the self-employed for many reasons, including 

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Why This Is The Greatest Time Ever To Become Self-Employed

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/08/2012)

For the self-employed entrepreneur, this is as fundamental a shift in business as the Industrial Revolution. And if you are not figuring it out, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity.  

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Get Out of the Garage! The Surprising Lessons of Silicon Valley for the Self-Employed

By: Admin (Published on 04/03/2012)

In this guest blog, author and serial entrepreneur Victor Hwang explains how the self-employed can learn from what the Silicon Valley does right such as 

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5 Tips for Pricing Your Services When You’re Self-Employed

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 03/30/2012)

How do you know how much to charge when you work for yourself? Good question. Here’s how to price your services like a pro 

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The Secret Ingredient To A Successful Solo Startup

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 03/18/2012)

To start a business you need guts, grit, and determination, not to mention a great product, but there’s one single thing that makes the difference… 

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SCORE and small business

Ask Them What They Want, Then Give Them What They Want

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/18/2012)

If there’s one thing that any freelance business person can do to find success and promote growth, it’s taking advantage of SCORE. Learn more now. 

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business ideas

6 Great Ways to Get Feedback on That Big Idea of Yours

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/13/2012)

How do you know if you really have a good idea for a new freelance business? Learn how to be sure your new idea will work. There are 6 great ways to get 

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running a startup

Do You Have What It Takes to Be Self-Employed?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/03/2012)

Should solopreneurs take warning before starting a business? Don’t go in blind, but don’t be scared either. Here’s why. 

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buying a franchise

Self-Employed Business Guide: Should You Purchase a Franchise?

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/27/2012)

If you’ve ever thought it might be nice to own your own business by running a franchise operation, remember to consider the following tips. 

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building a better website Secrets to Making an e-Business Click Part 2

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/26/2012)

If you’ve recently lost your job and have always wanted to be self-employed, this might be the best time to start a new e-business.  

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Amazon Secrets to Making an e-Business Click

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/26/2012)

If you’ve always wanted to be self-employed, this is a great time to start an e-commerce site. Learn the success secrets of 

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From Inmate to Entrepreneur

By: Admin (Published on 02/24/2012)

If you’re a former prisoner, if you have been in jail, don’t let that hold you back from starting a business or becoming self-employed. Learn more now. 

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startup business tips for moms

Self-Employed Business Ideas for Moms

By: Matty Byloos (Published on 02/24/2012)

If you’re a mom, then you know that time is limited. But what if you want to start your own business? Find out how. 

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