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5 Myths of Starting A Business

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 05/28/2015)

Debunking unsubstantiated precautionary tales that may be stopping aspiring entrepreneurs from taking that first step. 

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contract basics

Contract Basics for the Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 05/19/2015)

Learn about the importance of having a contract when you’re self-employed – from contract basics to the value of the agreement between parties 

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small business lawsuits

The 3 Legal Pitfalls Every Small Business Must Avoid

By: Yasir Billo (Published on 05/01/2015)

Most small businesses generally encounter very similar issues on a regular basis…“pitfalls”, as I like to call them 

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hiring an associate

How to Negotiate a Great Deal

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/30/2015)

What do great negotiators do right? 

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Making Money While You Sleep

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/28/2015)

Want to make money while you sleep? Here’s the secret 

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accounts receivable

Getting Past-Due Customers to Pay Up

By: SCORE (Published on 04/23/2015)

How do big corporations get past-due, non-paying customers to pay up? Find out and do what they do 

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Workplace Conflicts

5 Dynamite Ways to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

By: SCORE (Published on 04/17/2015)

Workplace conflicts can sap energy from any small business. However, smart business owners can turn a negative into a positive using these five keys to resolving workplace conflict 

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Problem Clients

4 Disastrous Pitfalls For The Self-Employed

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/13/2015)

Just because you believe an idea to be great, that doesn’t mean it is  

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signs audited

4 Tips for Avoiding an IRS Tax Audit

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/31/2015)

No one wants to be audited by the IRS for their taxes. Here’s how to avoid it 

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self employed tax tips

G+ Hangout: Top Tips to Make Tax Time Easier

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/26/2015)

No, tax time isn’t fun, but we had a blast sharing some great tips to make this time of year easier during our Bank of America Google+ Hangout 

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3 Ways Forming An LLC Can Help Your Business

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 03/24/2015)

Three ways forming an LLC can actually help your business and solidify your credibility within the business community 

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successful people

Insider Legal Tips That Can Save You Tons of Time & Money

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/18/2015)

There are a myriad of factors that self-employed individuals need to confront when running their business. Here are some simple legal tips and business strategies that can help give you an edge and make your everyday life easier

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tax frustrations

Top 3 Times to File a Tax Extension With the IRS

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 03/11/2015)

Here are three of the top reasons to file a tax extension 

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Small Business Tax Tips

Top 10 Tax Tips for Small Businesses

By: SCORE (Published on 03/09/2015)

Ten tips to help you make sure you’re meeting all of your tax responsibilities and also seizing every opportunity to reduce your business taxes 

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legal amendments to contracts

How To Legally Amend A Contract

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/09/2015)

Find out exactly what a legally binding contract amendment should look like when you’re self-employed. 

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Ask an Expert: Wrongful Firing

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 03/05/2015)

Can you sue if you think you have been fired wrongfully? You bet. But should you? Now that’s a different story. 

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protecting an idea

Little Data for Small Biz

By: Sreeram Sreenivasan (Published on 03/03/2015)

Unlock some easy ways to grow with data available to your small business right now 

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business lawsuits

How To Sue In Small Claims Court

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 02/16/2015)

Should I sue in small claims court? Find out when it’s time to sue. 

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Retirement Planning For The Self-Employed

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 02/10/2015)

What retirement plan options are available for the self-employed? Probably more than you think. Here are your choices 

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The Health Scare Backup Plan for The Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/10/2015)

What do you do when you work for yourself and you have to miss some work for health related reasons? You better have a backup plan 

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successful people

Infographic: The Best Quotes Ever on Success

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/06/2015)

The best quotes ever on success! 

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breaking a commercial lease

How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/04/2015)

If you’re self-employed or a freelance or independent contractor business, is it possible to get out of a commercial lease? Yes. Find out how. 

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1099, W2 Deadline Today! Details Here

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/02/2015)

1099, W2 Deadline Is Today 

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Why Disney Threatened to Sue Daycare Centers

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 01/27/2015)

Why it’s important and often necessary to protect your trademark. 

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soloprenuer contracts

3 Things Every Soloprenuer Should Know About Contracts

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/26/2015)

When you are self-employed, entering into contracts is part of the game of business. Some contracts are really nothing more than simple oral agreements and some are, of course, far more complicated. Learn the ins and outs here

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business attorney

I Have A Business Problem; Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/20/2015)

When your business is confronted with a complex legal problem, you need to hire a professional. Learn more about hiring an attorney when you own your own business. 

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The Smartest New Year’s Resolution: Incorporate

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 01/13/2015)

No time? No money? No problem. Incorporating can be quick and affordable. 

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bigstock Woman-in-home-office-14085734

What Insurance Do I Need When I Work From Home?

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/29/2014)

Many home business owners are under a mistaken belief that their existing insurance policies automatically protect their home businesses. Not always true. Learn your options here 

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buying a business

How To Buy A Business With No Money Down

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/23/2014)

Is it possible to buy a business with no money down, with 100% selller financing? Yes, but you have to be careful when doing so. The trick is 

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Estate Planning for the Self-Employed

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 12/19/2014)

Think about it: Your business is your baby. You wouldn’t leave your real baby’s life up to fate. Would you do the same to your business? 

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protecting an idea

How Do You Protect a Business Idea?

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/11/2014)

Ever wondered how you can go about protecting your business idea to make sure no one steals it 

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Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.48.49 PM

Understanding Obamacare SHOP Exchanges for Your Small Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/01/2014)

Confused by Obamacare and how it relates to your business? Here’s a great solution 

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5 Newbie Trademark Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 11/26/2014)

This holiday season, let us suggest that one great way to grow your business is to personalize your marketing materials. The best way to do that? Trademarks! 

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Applause From a Group of Businesspeople

‘Tis the Season to Thank Our Employees

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 11/25/2014)

The growing number of small businesses shows no signs of slowing down—clearly making the point: the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well.  

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entrepreneurs wanted

INFOGRAPHIC: Entrepreneurship Spotlight

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/21/2014)

Check out these amazing entrepreneurship stats! 

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Health Insurance

By: eHealth (Published on 11/19/2014)

When you are self-employed and you are shopping for health insurance, consider these 7 questions to help you make a smart decision 

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VIDEO: 4 Easy Legal Tips For the Self-Employed

By: Admin (Published on 11/14/2014)

Want to know four simple legal ideas you can implement to protect your business, right now? Watch! 

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4 HR Stories to Spook Your Company Back to Life

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 11/10/2014)

Halloween might be over. But the Ghost of Human Resources Past is back and haunting the hallways of your workplace—just in time for the holiday season. With the year slowly coming to a close, you might be getting increasingly lax … 

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Health Care Reform

Obamacare & The Self-Employed

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 11/07/2014)

eHealthInsurance gives us a breakdown of the three key things that small business owners today should know about health reform in 2014 

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Legal Mistakes

5 Legal Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Money

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 11/06/2014)

Are you making one of these legal mistakes? Failing to comply with these laws could cost you thousands 

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6 Ways to Welcome Your New Hire

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 11/03/2014)

Your new hire starts on Monday. What should you do? 

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How to Really Value a Business

By: Pat Jennings (Published on 10/27/2014)

The question is not “What Is It Worth”, but rather “What Should I Pay?” 

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7 Tips for Filing Taxes

Infographic: 4 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/15/2014)

Here’s how to protect your Intellectual Property 

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Legal Strategies

7 Legal Tricks Every Self-Employed Person Should Know

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 10/14/2014)

Discover cheap, valuable strategies and legal solutions for making your freelance or self-employed business life easier 

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Top 3 Reasons Why the Self-Employed Should Incorporate

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/13/2014)

When someone starts a business, he or she almost always begins the venture as a sole proprietorship, legally speaking. It is not hard to understand why that is: A sole proprietorship is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to get started. 

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Ask an Expert: Small Business Burnout

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 10/07/2014)

Small business owners deal with job burnout just as much as everyone else. And maybe more. 

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disability insurance

PRIMER: Small Business Guide to The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

By: Jayson Law Group (Published on 09/29/2014)

A Small Business Guide to The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)  

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The Secret to Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

By: Richard Davis (Published on 09/12/2014)

Online threats are real and distressing but so are the ones offline, but there are ways you can get yourself out of the danger zone. 

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Verbal Contracts

When Is a Verbal Contract Enforceable (and Not)?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/09/2014)

The basic rule is that a verbal contract is just as enforceable as a written one, but then again, sometimes it’s not. The difference is . . . 

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How To Negotiate a Great Lease

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/09/2014)

When you run a business, negotiating a lease can be intimidating. It need not be. The key is to 

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3 Simple Steps to Getting a Patent for Your Invention

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/09/2014)

How do you patent your great idea or invention? Here are three simple steps 

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Call Marketing

Getting Out of Debt For Less Than You Owe

By: Team TSE (Published on 08/30/2014)

When your business is in debt can you get out of debt for less than you owe? Yes. 

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Selling Your Business

How to Find Qualified Buyers When Selling Your Business – 7 Must Know Tips

By: TSE Guest Blogger (Published on 08/25/2014)

There are many options and resources for you when selling s small business. Here are 7 must know tips  

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Friday Cartoon

The Friday Funnies

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 08/15/2014)

The Friday Funnies 

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business lawsuits

When Can I Legally Breach a Contract?

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 08/13/2014)

Are there times when you actually can legally breach a contract? You bet. 

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Workplace Laws

Workplace Laws You Need to Know

By: Team TSE (Published on 08/02/2014)

A little legal knowledge can go a long way. Here’s what you need to know before you hire or fire someone. 

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business ideas

Why No One Is Going To Steal Your Big Idea

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 07/31/2014)

Get over yourself. No one cares as much as you do about stealing your big idea 

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employers attract lawsuits

9 Ways Small Businesses Attract Lawsuits

By: SCORE (Published on 07/16/2014)

Lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees or independent contractors against small businesses are one of the most vexing problems that business owners continue to face. Here are the top mistakes that small employers make that lead to lawsuits. 

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hiring an associate

2 Psychology Tricks To Use In Your Next Negotiation

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/15/2014)

So what to do when you are put in a tough negotiation situation? Use a little bit of psychology to turn the tide in your favor, that’s what.  

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First Impression

It’s Sometimes Way Too Late to Make a Great First Impression

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 06/17/2014)

You better not make these mistakes 

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In Praise of Service-Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurs

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/26/2014)

Honoring the people who not only sacrificed themselves physically and mentally for this country, but who didn’t let that stop them. 

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fundraising ideas

Buying a Business With (Almost) No Money Down

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/21/2014)

Is it possible to buy a business with no money down? You bet. Here’s how 

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Government Contracts

Success Strategy: Getting Government Contracts

By: SCORE (Published on 05/08/2014)

Want to grow your business? Getting bigger clients is one way, and the government is the biggest there is. Here’s how one small business got in on the game 

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The Secret to Working with Millennials

By: SCORE (Published on 05/02/2014)

Is there a secret to the Millennial mindset? You bet, and it’s this . . .  

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Our Get Rich Slow Scheme

By: Spencer Strauss (Published on 04/30/2014)

Want to get rich? Invest in real estate – moderately priced, medium real estate. Here’s how and why 

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filing for bankruptcy

Options Besides Bankruptcy

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/08/2014)

What are your choices if your business is in financial trouble but you don’t want to file bankruptcy? Here are a few viable options 

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biz fraud tips

5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Financial Fraud

By: SCORE (Published on 03/18/2014)

Financial fraud is a rising concern for many companies. Not sure how to protect your business? Here are a few tips 

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out of business

10 Steps to Dissolving a Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 01/23/2014)

If your business venture has not worked out as planned, here are the steps one needs to take to formally (if sadly) close a business 

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startup setup

5 Things You Need To Consider When Starting Your New Business

By: SCORE (Published on 01/07/2014)

Ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge? Here are the most critical items to consider when selecting your business structure 

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legal house

VIDEO: Check Out Our First Google+ Hangout – Get Your Legal House In Order!

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/11/2013)

Missed Steve’s LegalZoom hangout? Here’s what you missed and what you need to know to get your legal house in order before the end of the year 

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The Legal Implications of Starting A Business Out Of Your Apartment

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/02/2013)

According to the SBA home-based businesses make up roughly half of all U.S. businesses. Learn about the ins and outs of setting up shop from your apartment 

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hiring interns

Get More from Your Interns: 5 Ideas That Really Work

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 09/19/2013)

If you think an internship program is an easy source of free labor, you would be both right and wrong. Find out the legal way to take advantage of help from interns 

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Choosing the Right Business Structure for Your Entrepreneurial Style

By: SCORE (Published on 09/12/2013)

Whichever entrepreneurial direction you choose, selecting a business structure that works for you and your family is a high priority 

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Business Records

The 60-Second Guide to Retaining Business Records

By: SCORE (Published on 06/28/2013)

Don’t get caught in the business records runaround. In just 60 seconds, we’ll give you some guidelines for culling that plethora of paper down to the essentials 

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Verbal Contracts

Dealing With and Enforcing Verbal Contracts

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 05/23/2013)

If you want to enforce a verbal contract, then you’ll need to prove that it existed in the first place. Find out what to do when you failed to get it in writing 

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Firing Employee

The 60-Second Guide to Letting An Employee Go

By: SCORE (Published on 05/22/2013)

Letting an employee go is a difficult and emotional task for most small business owners. In just 60-seconds, you’ll learn how to conduct a tactful termination 

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Workplace Laws

Workplace Laws Anyone Who Is Self-Employed Should Know

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/15/2013)

Where do you go to get informed, legally speaking? Are there some common legal issues of which you need to be especially aware? Find answers to these questions here 

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Are You Protected From A Third-Party Lawsuit Disaster?

By: Dan Cook (Published on 03/02/2013)

Do work with group projects? Make sure to protect your company and avoid getting dragged into litigation over an issue you had nothing to do with 

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Startup Act

Foreign Invasion: The Startup Act 3.0 Benefits More Than Just Entrepreneurs

By: Karen Donnelly (Published on 03/01/2013)

Officials recently introduced the Startup Act 3.0 to the Senate floor. Find out what implications this potential law could have for your business 

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Digital Storage

Are Your Digital Documents Legal Ready?

By: Dan Cook (Published on 02/21/2013)

Here are five tips from attorneys who specialize in litigation readiness on how to manage your digital data so that you can find and produce what you need 

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Fighting Fraud

5 Tips for Protecting Your Business Against Financial Fraud

By: SCORE (Published on 02/13/2013)

“Back office” and other types of financial fraud are rising at U.S. companies, and are hitting small businesses especially hard. Here are some tips to help you fight fraud in your business. 

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Selling Your Business

6 Legal Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying A Business

By: SCORE (Published on 01/31/2013)

In order to ensure that you are protected under the law when buying a business make sure you have your attorney take care of these items

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Patent 101

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents 101

By: SCORE (Published on 01/19/2013)

To help you get on the right track of protecting your next great idea take a look at the following breakdown of intellectual property rights and patents 

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Protect Your Idea

10 Steps to Protect Your Great Idea

By: SCORE (Published on 01/08/2013)

Got a great idea? Follow these steps first to make sure it’s protected 

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Avoid Check Fraud

7 Ways to Help You Avoid Check Fraud

By: SCORE (Published on 12/19/2012)

Business owners face a growing risk of check fraud as computers make it easier to create phony checks and banks allow customers to open accounts via telephone and the Internet. Here are some tips that will help combat check fraud 

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Legal Blogging Tips

5 Legal Tips Every Freelancer Should Know About Blogging & Social Media

By: Jennifer Good (Published on 12/12/2012)

To help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls, take a look at these five legal tips every freelancer should know about blogging and social media 

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Firing 101

Firing 101: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind to Protect Your Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/06/2012)

No one likes the firing process. What’s worse, however, is when a termination has been mishandled. Here are five tips that will go a long way in protecting your business from a firing gone wrong 

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10 Self-Employed Businesses You Can Start Today With Little or No Money

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/19/2012)

There are all sorts of micro-businesses you can start when you don’t have a lot of dough, To get you started, here are 10 that you can start today 

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small claims court for business

Using Small Claims Court for Freelance Business Disputes

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 11/09/2012)

Courts have recently increased the dollar limit for disputes, making it more attractive for small business owners to take their grievances to court. Learn more now. 

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small business lawsuits

INFOGRAPHIC: Courting Disaster – Small Business Lawsuits

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/01/2012)

To learn more about the most common lawsuits that small businesses face, how much it may cost you, and how to protect yourself take a look at our featured infographic 

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Creating An LLC When You Are Self-Employed

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 10/24/2012)

AWhen you are self-employed, you need to both look and act professional. Forming an LLC accomplishes both of those goals. Here’s how 

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licensing artwork for the web

How to License Artwork for Websites: Royalties or One-Time Payments?

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 10/20/2012)

Licensing artwork on the web can be difficult to negotiate, and payments can be difficult to monitor and audit. Learn about royalties and 1-time payments. 

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rules for working as an independent contractor

The Keys to Staying Within the Law as an Independent Contractor

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/25/2012)

Being your own boss as an independent contractor is a great way to get ahead. But to do it right your first need to fulfill some important legal and financial requirements. Learn how here. 

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Financial insurance and business stability concept

You and Your LLC: Doing it Right From the Very Start

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 09/12/2012)

The corporate veil: Act in good faith and follow the rules, and expect that your personal assets will be safe from any debts associated with your business. 

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become a tax preparer

Creating A Tax Preparation Business For Little or No Money

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 09/07/2012)

Tax preparers earn their annual income during the 1st quarter of the year, maximizing job flexibility. Learn how to create a tax preparation business for little or no money, now. 

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breaking a commercial lease

Getting A Commercial Lease – Without Signing A Personal Guarantee

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 08/01/2012)

Is it possible to get a commercial lease without making a personal guarantee? Possibly. What you do is  

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notary public

How to Easily and Affordably Start a Notary Business

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 07/31/2012)

Looking to make a little extra money or to build a stable, lucrative small business? Starting a Notary public for almost nothing may be the way to go. 

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5 Website Legal Landmines Every Freelancer Should Know About

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 07/24/2012)

if you’re using social media, a blog, or your website as a platform for marketing, understand the legal and financial risks of posting content. 

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taking on a business partner

How to Find and Take on a Partner

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 07/16/2012)

A good business partner shares your vision and enthusiasm, as well as your values, but a great friend can still turn out to be a lousy partner. Learn more now. 

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legal transcription

Freelance Job Spotlight: Legal Transcription Training and Work

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 06/30/2012)

Want to start a business with little or no money? Become a legal transcriptionist. Find out why and the skills you need  

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selling a business

How to Sell Your Business

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 05/10/2012)

Selling a business is never simple, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can make the most of any opportunity to sell. Here’s how 

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Are You An Employee or Really an Independent Contractor?

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/13/2012)

Don’t let an unscrupulous company mislabel you for their own benefit. Which are you – an employee of an independent contractor? Let’s find out. 

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