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When You Are Self-Employed, What Insurance Do You Really Need?

By: Team TSE (Published on 06/09/2015)

There are a lot of insurance choices when you own a business. Which do you really need? Find out here 

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boost brain

6 Healthy Alternatives for Boosting Your Brain Power at Work

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 05/11/2015)

As an entrepreneur you want everything to be running as optimally as possible. However, our own health often gets overlooked when it comes to diet 

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workplace exercise

Infographic: How Does Exercise Affect Your Productivity?

By: Team TSE (Published on 04/30/2015)

We all know exercise is good for the body, but can it also improve your productivity and mood at work? Learn more 

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Problem Clients

4 Disastrous Pitfalls For The Self-Employed

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/13/2015)

Just because you believe an idea to be great, that doesn’t mean it is  

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Entrepreneurs: Life Insurance Made Easy

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 03/09/2015)

One reason you started a business is to provide for your family. Life insurance therefore is practically a necessity when you are self-employed. Here’s why, and what to buy 

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Infographic: Protect Your Business From Online Fraud

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/20/2015)

Infographic: Protect Your Business From Online Fraud 

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The Health Scare Backup Plan for The Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/10/2015)

What do you do when you work for yourself and you have to miss some work for health related reasons? You better have a backup plan 

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Health Savings Accounts For The Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/09/2015)

HSAs pair low-cost, higher-risk healthcare coverage with tax-free savings accounts for medical expenses. Learn how to make them work when you are self-employed 

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bigstock Woman-in-home-office-14085734

What Insurance Do I Need When I Work From Home?

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/29/2014)

Many home business owners are under a mistaken belief that their existing insurance policies automatically protect their home businesses. Not always true. Learn your options here 

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How Much Obamacare Insurance Costs When You are Self-Employed

By: Jeremy Marsan (Published on 12/22/2014)

The cost of your healthcare insurance is probably less than you think under Obmacare 

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Estate Planning for the Self-Employed

By: Rocket Lawyer (Published on 12/19/2014)

Think about it: Your business is your baby. You wouldn’t leave your real baby’s life up to fate. Would you do the same to your business? 

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Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.48.49 PM

Understanding Obamacare SHOP Exchanges for Your Small Business

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/01/2014)

Confused by Obamacare and how it relates to your business? Here’s a great solution 

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entrepreneurs wanted

INFOGRAPHIC: Entrepreneurship Spotlight

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/21/2014)

Check out these amazing entrepreneurship stats! 

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Health Insurance

By: eHealth (Published on 11/19/2014)

When you are self-employed and you are shopping for health insurance, consider these 7 questions to help you make a smart decision 

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wfm health tips

5 More Healthy Habits For Working At Home

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 11/18/2014)

A few more ideas to help you ensure that your home office is a healthy and happy environment so you can do your best work 

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Health Care Reform

Obamacare & The Self-Employed

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 11/07/2014)

eHealthInsurance gives us a breakdown of the three key things that small business owners today should know about health reform in 2014 

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tornado_over_the_road___16724309 copy

VIDEO: Small Business Disaster Preparedness

By: Team TSE (Published on 11/04/2014)

If a natural or other disaster was to strike your business, would you be ready? In this video, Steve shares some thoughts of experts on how to prepare for emergencies 

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disability insurance

INSURANCE GUIDE: Do You Need Disability Insurance?

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 10/28/2014)

For the self-employed, an injury that disrupts your ability to work can be devastating. Here’ what you need to know about disability insurance 

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The 5 Most Important Types of Insurance When You Freelance Or Are Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/21/2014)

When you’re the owner of a small business—insurance can look like a luxury. But it’s not. Here are the 5 types of insurance you need most 

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disability insurance

PRIMER: Small Business Guide to The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

By: Jayson Law Group (Published on 09/29/2014)

A Small Business Guide to The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)  

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e and o insurance

E & O Insurance for the Self-Employed, Freelancer, Independent Contractor, and Entrepreneur

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/22/2014)

Errors and Omissions Insurance is professional liability insurance that protects individuals providing advice or specialized services from complaints of negligence. Learn more now. 

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The Secret to Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

By: Richard Davis (Published on 09/12/2014)

Online threats are real and distressing but so are the ones offline, but there are ways you can get yourself out of the danger zone. 

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INFOGRAPHIC: Which Type of Natural Disaster is Most Likely to Threaten Your Business?

By: Team TSE (Published on 08/29/2014)

And 84% of small businesses do not have disaster insurance! 

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Infographic: What You Really Need to Know About Life Insurance

By: Team TSE (Published on 07/02/2014)

What do you REALLY need to consider? Find out 

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9 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions for The Self-Employed

By: Louise Dickens (Published on 06/06/2014)

Did you know that there’s an Extension that allows you to access your emails offline? Check out the other 8! 

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Does Your Business Really Have The Insurance It Needs?

By: SCORE (Published on 05/23/2014)

The types of insurance that small businesses might need are varied – everything from property to professional liability to disability and more. What do you really need? 

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business property insurance

Why Term Life Insurance is a Great Idea for the Self-Employed

By: Joseph Baker (Published on 04/09/2014)

Want to make a smart financial choice for your family? Getting some term life insurance is one of the best you can make. 

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health insurance deadline

Open Enrollment Ending – What if You Still Don’t Have Health Insurance?

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 03/27/2014)

Self-employed persons and small business owners should take the requirement to have health insurance especially seriously. Here’s why 

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Thinking Beyond Insurance: 5 Tips for Keeping Yourself Healthy

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/13/2014)

With health insurance on everyone’s mind, help keep your payments lower by staying out of the doctor’s office altogether with these workplace health tips 

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Preparing for the Worst When You’re Self-Employed

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 12/18/2013)

Are you prepared to deal with a catastrophe happening to your self-employed business? If not, learn important lessons now 

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reduce risk

Top 6 Ways to Reduce the Risk in Your Business

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 11/14/2013)

The best business owners try to reduce their risk to the best extent possible. Here are six top ways to make sure your biz is protected 

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insurance pitfalls

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Getting Insurance

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 11/04/2013)

Is your business on the right track when it comes to insurance? Take a look at these five common mistakes small business owners make 

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small biz report

Infographic: State of Health of Small Business Owners

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/17/2013)

Do you feel healthier owning your own business? Do you work more hours than employees? Answers to these questions and more in this featured infographic 

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obamacare videos

Obamacare Is Officially Here

By: Team TSE (Published on 10/01/2013)

Whether you agree with it or not, Obamacare is officially in effect today. So what does that mean for you and your business 

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become an insurance agent

How to Become an Insurance Agent Without Breaking the Bank

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/10/2013)

Getting started in the insurance business is challenging, but it can also be quite lucrative. Here are some tips to get you going 

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business insurance

4 Key Tips When Buying Business Insurance

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/03/2013)

As your business becomes more successful, the risks of operating without proper insurance increase. Use these four tips to help keep you insured properly 

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Desk Exercise

5 Ways To Stay Active At Your Desk

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 07/18/2013)

Sitting at a desk all day may not be ideal, but it’s often necessary. Here are a few simple things you can do to minimize the damage your desk job is doing 

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become an insurance adjuster

How to Become an Insurance Adjuster with a Minimal Financial Investment

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 06/15/2013)

Want to become an insurance adjuster? The industry is growing, as are the prospects for lucrative careers that don’t require much up-front cost 

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Disaster Recovery Guide

The 60-Second Guide to Disaster Planning

By: SCORE (Published on 06/03/2013)

Be prepared for the worst with this 60 second guide, and help save your business from potential disaster 

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Working Past Retirement

Working Past the Retirement Age in America

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 05/28/2013)

In a sluggish economy, it’s no secret that retiring at age 65 is getting tougher and tougher for many senior citizens. But is free enterprise truly a young man’s game 

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7 Smart Business Travel Tips

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 05/23/2013)

Travel for your business frequently? Make sure you keep these business travel tips in mind to make your trip both productive and enjoyable 

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Warranty Plans

Are Protection Plans and Extended Warranties Actually Worth It?

By: Matthew Anderson (Published on 05/22/2013)

Being self-employed, it’s important to make sure we’re spending our money on things that will help grow our business. Do warranties and protection plans fall under this category 

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Healthcare Survey

Infographic: Small Businesses & Obamacare Survey

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 05/06/2013)

Earlier this year, eHealthInsurance surveyed small business employers to find out how much they know about Obamacare. See the results here 

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Standing at Work

The Health Benefits of Standing Desks

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 05/01/2013)

Sitting for long periods of time can create serious risk to your health. Here are some ideas to help you take a stand for your health 

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Small Business Health Insurance

Six Ways to Save on Small Business Health Insurance

By: SCORE (Published on 04/13/2013)

Here are six new ways to get the most from your small business health insurance 

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Late Retirement

Working Past the Retirement Age in America

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 03/29/2013)

It’s no secret that retiring at age 65 is getting tougher and tougher for many senior citizens. But is free enterprise truly a young man’s game 

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Natural Disasters Prepared

Infographic: Are Small Businesses Prepared for Natural Disasters?

By: Team TSE (Published on 02/22/2013)

Did you know that 74% of American small businesses do not have a disaster preparedness plan? Find out more in the results of a recent survey on this topic 

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Health Insurance Options

5 Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

By: Dan Cook (Published on 02/12/2013)

Explore some of the options currently available to obtaining health coverage for yourself as you start or grow your business. 

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Insurance Options

4 Insurance Options For The Self-Employed You May Not Have Considered

By: Dan Cook (Published on 01/23/2013)

If you’ve found yourself looking for self-employed health insurance alternatives, you might want to consider one of the following four options. 

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Cost of Healthcare

The Cost of Individual & Family Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/15/2013)

As self-employed individuals, we can find ourselves with the responsibility of covering our own health benefits. See how the latest trends may affect your business 

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Disaster Insurance Agent

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Disaster

By: SCORE (Published on 01/12/2013)

The actual disaster is only half of the equation. Recovering is the other. Take some advice with lessons learned from a Texas food vendor who discovered first-hand how to deal with insurance companies during disaster recovery.  

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Business Disaster Insurance

Business Insurance: Are You Protected from a Natural Disaster?

By: Team TSE (Published on 01/04/2013)

Does your business insurance coverage include protection against natural disasters? You may want to review your policy with some of these thoughts in mind 

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Disaster Insurance

Video: Making Sure Your Business is Prepared for Natural Disasters

By: Team TSE (Published on 12/18/2012)

Insurance expert Ray Sprague takes some time to share how small businesses should prepare for natural catastrophes 

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Business Travel

One Business Travel Insurance Tip You Can’t Afford Not to Consider

By: Dan Cook (Published on 12/15/2012)

Most business travelers realize they should get business traveler insurance in the case of flight cancellation and lost materials, however, that may not be enough to protect your business 

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Affordable Care Act

What the Affordable Care Act Means for Your Business

By: eHealthInsurance (Published on 12/06/2012)

“Obamacare” is the law, the law is Obamacare, and you need to start preparing for 2014 when the major provisions of the law go into effect. Get help with these tips 

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business property insurance

A Primer on Property Insurance for the Self Employed

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 10/23/2012)

Do you need business property insurance? When you can count your assets on one hand, then it is essential that you protect them against injury or loss. 

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Buying a Business? Don’t Forget the Insurance!

By: Team TSE (Published on 09/04/2012)

Preparing to buy a business? There’s really only one thing that you need to know: get the insurance you need before it’s too late. Learn more about business insurance. 

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health care tax

Making Sense of the Small Business Health Care Tax

By: Rick Klaras (Published on 09/04/2012)

With all of the controversy surrounding the new Affordable Care Act, small business owners may well be left wondering what it means for them. Find out for yourself.  

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Dictation Software Can Make You More Productive

By: Admin (Published on 08/30/2012)

Can dictation software make you more productive? Of course! 

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business insurance

Insurance: The Easy Way To Prevent A Bad Business Loss

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 08/02/2012)

In order to ensure that your business isn’t undermined by an unpredictable event, you need adequate insurance to protect yourself and your company. Specifically, what you need is 

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types of business insurance

Types of Insurance That Small Business Owners Can’t Live Without

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 07/25/2012)

Without sufficient insurance, a fire, theft, accident, illness, or lawsuit could potentially destroy your business. Learn what types of insurance every business should carry. 

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Medical Records & Stethoscope

PODCAST: How Small Businesses Can Save on Health Care

By: Jonah (Published on 07/16/2012)

How Small Businesses, Freelancers, and the Self-Employed Can Save on Health Care  

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The 7 Most Important Things a Sole Proprietor Needs to Know

By: John Krubski (Published on 06/02/2012)

Find out what a member of The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, and an entrepreneur of 40 years, considers vital for you to know 

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liability insurance

INSURANCE GUIDE: Liability Insurance For The Self-Employed

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 04/23/2012)

By neglecting to insure your business you are risking not just your income and your livelihood, but also your assets and your ability to earn money now and in the future. 

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health savings account

INSURANCE GUIDE: Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for the Self-Employed

By: Marshall Lee (Published on 04/10/2012)

If you’re self-employed, then there’s a way to ease the strain of healthcare costs: Health Savings Accounts. Learn how to make an HSA work for your business. 

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5 Ways To Reduce Your Health Care Costs

By: Steve Strauss (Published on 04/02/2012)

With health care costs continuing to rise, is there any way to keep you costs down? You bet. Here are 5 great ways 

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freelance health insurance options

The Self-Employed: Group Health Insurance or Individual Coverage?

By: eHealth (Published on 03/09/2012)

If you’re a self-employed business person, then you need to know about Individual and family, vs. small business/group health insurance options. 

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health insurance terms

Five Health Insurance Terms You Must Know

By: eHealth (Published on 03/07/2012)

Every industry seems to have its own special lingo, and health insurance is no different. Learn about key terms within the health insurance industry. 

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When You Work For Yourself, Health Insurance Is Not A Luxury

By: eHealth (Published on 03/07/2012)

When you work for yourself, when you are a freelancer, independent contractor, or are self-employed, health insurance is a necessity, not a luxury, consider… 

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4 Types of Health Insurance Plans for the Self-Employed

By: eHealth (Published on 03/06/2012)

The many choices available when shopping for health insurance when you run your own business can be overwhelming, but it need not be. Here’s how to look at 4 main choices 

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4 Steps To a Successful Insurance Claim

By: Team TSE (Published on 03/01/2012)

When you are self-employed, you never want to make an insurance claim, but if you need to, here are some secrets to making a successful one 

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